Kathryn Starnella Moderated Live Panel on Sexual Harassment in the Legal Profession

Yesterday, Kathryn Starnella moderated the panel session, “From Bystander to Upstander: How to Respond to Sexual Harassment in the Legal Profession”, a panel discussion on gender-based workplace harassment, gender stereotyping, and practical tools for interrupting and addressing these behaviors.

Panel members included the Honorable S. Kato Crews, United States District Court Magistrate Judge, J. Ryan Peyton, Esq., Director of Colorado Attorney Mentoring Program (CAMP), and Alexis H. Ronickher, Esq., Partner at Katz, Marshall, & Banks, LLP.

Topics discussed include unlawful harassment in the workplace, an examination of the “Bystander Effect” and why it occurs, understanding harassment beyond the gender binary, ethical issues including lawyers’ and judges’ duties to report, practical tips for reporting, risks of failure to report, and how to make the workplace safer.

The panel discussion is available on-demand through CBA-CLE’s website: https://cle.cobar.org/

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